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Related post: WARNING: nude pic lolita bbs This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this or not! 8/98 ************************************************************************ RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-2 naked little lolita portals "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 2" (Part #2) lolita models bear hug Copyright 1997 Vince Water ************************************************************************ Author's note: Hey horny guys! I've rewritten 'part 1' to this story with new text for yaz to enjoy. The original posting with Nifty bore a 9/97 date. The new 'part 1' file bears the 'Re-edited 8/98' date at the top! So download this new version and re-read it before continuing with this part 2. Okay? ************************************************************************** * lolita tiny little sluts "Rites of Boyhood" * * lolita teens masterbating bbs young top list lolita - part 2 - * Jimmy ran back through the woods. He left the Indian man behind him without so much as a 'good-bye'. Why? The boy didn't know. Only that he needed to get away to think about what had happened... to ponder over that 'naked thing' that had happened between a man and a boy. The path came into sight. Jimmy leaped upon it, startling the two older boys who flicked away their lola non nude photo incriminating cigarettes. When they saw that it was only Jimmy, some anger filled their eyes. Parker especially. He didn't like appearing weak and afraid before the younger boy. Parker pointed to the extremely young lolita bestiality edge of the path and asked, "Well... go get it." Jimmy shrugged his shoulders and did as he was asked. He found the smoldering cigarette and held it between his two fingers in the proper pose. The Spanish boy fetched his own and continued smoking it. Jimmy turned to face the two older boys. He watched Parker draw out a fresh cigarette from the pack within his shirt pocket. His friend lit it with the glowing tip of his own. That left Jimmy with the half-finished cigarette stuck in preteen pictures nymphets lolicon his fingers. He knew what was expected of him. A sly grin filled Parker's face. With his newly lit cigarette, he pulled a long drag from it and held in the smoke a moment before blowing out. He then nodded to Jimmy. The youth looked down at the thing in his fingers. 'A lit cigarette!' He'd been told that it was a bad vice of adults; unthinkable for a kid to try it. Yet under the glare of two older boys, Jimmy lifted his tight fingers to his mouth. He put the tip of it to his lips and sucked on the moist filter. The thickness of smoke went down the boy's throat. A moment later, his lungs filled and violently rejected it. Jimmy exploded with coughs. The two boys laughed expectantly at him. Tears ran down the youth's face while he sputtered. His lungs hurt him nuby lolita young pic bad. "You've smoked before, eh?" asked Parker wistfully. little lolita nymphet video Jimmy felt stung. It angered him to appear weak so he planted his feet in the path, faced the two boys grimly and brought the cigarette back to his mouth and tried another puff. A small one. He felt the stinging in his lungs but was able to control it. tgp bbs loli info Upon releasing preteen lolitas videos hot breath, he saw the telling smoke come out his mouth. No coughing this time. A deep sense of pride filled Jimmy. The three boys smoked their cigarettes in silence. When the Spanish boy finished his, he begged Parker for another. Instead of being given a new cigarette, they shared one between them. Jimmy was slow to puff on his. He took many breaths of fresh air between drawing smoke and that prevented him from coughing so much. "You're doing great kid," said Parker. He drew the last drags from his cigarette and dropped it to the path before smashing it into the dirt. Jimmy felt the heat from his shrinking cigarette against his fingers and decided to also put it out. He smashed it under his gym shoe like a pro. "Why so long in the woods?" asked the Spanish boy. "We were thinking of going in to look for you... Got lost or did a bear get your ass?" Jimmy grinned at the boy's thick accent. He dropped his eyes and only shrugged his shoulders in reply. "See there..." he spoke to Parker while pointing at the front of the youth's pants. "The boy's hard-on has been lost!" To Jimmy he asked, "You piss something more outa your dick, loli hentai video gallery eh kid?" He made a suggestive pulling motion over his crotch. Jimmy suddenly knew what the Spanish guy had asked of him. It brought a burning to his face though he shook his head as if not understanding little russian lolita girls what was being asked of him. "Yah... I think you're right!" said Parker. "It's okay kid. We all do it so don't be getting so red faced and all." Jimmy lifted his eyes from the ground to read Parker. There was an understanding look in that boy's eyes so he squared his shoulders with cautious pride. Yes. He could make his shoot out more than piss. When he turned to the Spanish boy, he saw a hungry look there. Jimmy had seen that same fire in the Indian man's dark eyes for him earlier. "Look at our bambino! He's so cute," spoke the Spanish boy. "Kinda how you looked them four years ago when we first jerked each other." "I was never That innocent!" Parker shouted. "Tell me kid... Have you ever, you know... done it with a friend?" Jimmy tried sorting through what he'd heard: 'jerked each other' and 'done it with a friend' were puzzling phrases to him. He saw how Parker glanced at his Spanish friend with an intense expression of friendship and longing on his face; how his hand almost reached out to grasp his friend's. At that moment Jimmy understood. The youth peered shyly into Parker's eyes and gave a brief nod. His new friends smiled in understanding and it felt sweet to Jimmy in an unexplained way. 'They are like me?' he thought with hope. Jimmy was startled by the loud grunt of a bus engine and he remembered where they were supposed to be. "We better get along to the barracks before Kirkland gets mad!" he warned. The youth started running down the path towards the single-story buildings. "Oh, no!" whined Parker. "Kirkland might get mad at us!" Yet he chased after the boy with his Spanish friend close behind him. They found chaos inside the crowded barracks. Boys spilled over the bunk beds and between them in their struggle to choose the best ones for sleeping in. Those closest to the door were already taken. Jimmy pushed his way down the aisle to go find a bunk for himself. There was an empty one in the corner of the long room but it didn't have a mattress; only a web of sagging, rusted wire mesh. A few mattresses were model uk germany lolita piled along the wall so Jimmy went to fetch one. It was heavy and bulky in his small hands yet he managed to drag it past the other news bbs lolita com boys to his bunk. When Jimmy lifted it into the bottom bunk, a fat boy shouted at him. "Hey, that's where I'm going to sleep!" warned Arnold. "If that's your bunk," Jimmy answered, russian very little lolita "why didn't you get a mattress for it?" Arnold gave no reply. Instead, he tried grabbing the mattress from Jimmy's hands. A fierce struggle broke out between the two boys with loli bbs links teen much shouting and pushing. Jimmy tried looking for help from Kirkland but the man was too busy stopping another fight at the other end of the room. A tall boy stood over Arnold. "This is Jimmy's bunk," spoke Parker. "Who are you to tell me anything?" Arnold shouted in protest. He pushed on Jimmy and lolita innocent models pics took hold of the mattress with both hands. The Spanish boy looked at his friend with an astonished expression on his dark face. Parker free lolita modeling pics became more menacing. "Oh, just some guy who's going to beat the crap outa ya if you don't let go." pre teen tgp loli Now it was Arnold's turn to took to Kirkland for help. When the fat boy saw that he wasn't going to get any, he turned to Parker with a determined look on his face. 'Would he fight him?' Jimmy couldn't see how he'd have a chance against the older boy. "You a tough hombre, eh fat one?" asked the Spanish boy. "If not, I'd listen to my friend and let go of the mattress if I were you..." All the fight went out of Arnold. He looked at the three boys with anger and shoved the mattress against Jimmy before turning away. Parker folded his arms over his chest in triumph. The Spanish boy helped Jimmy with setting the mattress onto the bunk. "Thanks," Jimmy muttered. "I don't know your name though." "I'm Miguel. You one tough kid with a macho heart but your body still needs some growing to match it." Jimmy could only nod his head in reply. He sat over the bottom bunk to rest while Parker and Miguel went to find bunks for themselves. It surprised him that no one had yet taken the upper bunk; it didn't have a mattress over its rusting wire mesh. 'Perhaps it's too much work for some boy to drag a mattress up to it," Jimmy thought. Shouts of joy went through the room when a man delivered all the suitcases and packs at the door. He had them loaded on a cart which was being pulled by a mule. Boys sprang from their beds to fetch what belonged to them. nonude loli young girls Jimmy decided to wait so that he could guard his bunk. Kirkland shouted for order. The tangle of boys ended their frantic grabbing of packs and suitcases so that the delivery man could unload them from his mule cart. Jimmy grinned. He didn't like Kirkland much tiny preteen lolita bbs but he admired how their councilor could control the boys under his charge. Jimmy laid over the bunk with a content feeling. He fully realized at that moment that he was going to be living in this barracks for two whole weeks without his mother fussing over him. Two weeks of fun with the other boys. It was a very exciting thought. A creaking sound startled Jimmy. He watched a door opening through what he had thought was only a wall near his bunk. A man stepped through with a peg-board held tightly in his hands. He wore thick glasses; they gave him an official look. Ignoring Jimmy's open-mouthed stare, the man went straight away to speak with Kirkland. Jimmy peered through the small door to see that it connected another barracks with this one. It contained the same number of bunks but they were already organized with folded blankets, pillows at the head of every bed and there were suitcases at the foot of each one. Empty of boys though. Kirkland shouted for a roll call. From the glasses-wearing man's peg- board, a boy's name was called out and answered by that boy. They went through a list of nearly twenty names. Jimmy saw that there were twelve bunk beds in their barracks. His was one of the few that didn't have anyone planning to sleep on top. By the end of roll call, everyone had gotten their suitcases and packs placed on their naked lolitas girl photos beds. Kirkland announced that it was time for lunch. This brought a joyous noise from the hoard, and for once, Kirkland had said something that everyone liked. A line quickly young lolita naked forum formed behind the camp councilor and off they went through the woods to another single-story building. Jimmy's eyes widened when he saw the size of the mess hall. It had long tables with seats for nearly a hundred and was already lolita the little girl filled with boys eating lunch. little loli hard fuck It became a noisy affair. Trays were taken in hand and napkin-wrapped silverware grabbed, sometimes clattering to the floor while the long line of hungry boys were served by the lunch crew. Jimmy found an empty seat at a table filling with his underage 16 lolita pics barracks mates and he sat down. He eagerly ate the steaming meat whatever-it-was piled on his plate. A thick puddle of black tasted like chocolate pudding. Jimmy was too hungry to care. lolita preteen ru pics Near the end of lunch, Chief Charcoal addressed the boys over a loud megaphone to describe all the wonderful activities everyone could free lolita pteen pics expect to enjoy at Camp Shingobeck. They including hiking, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and learning Indian skills of tracking, bow shooting and costume crafting. A nightly bon fire with marshmallows was also promised. The staff leaders of the camp stood beside Chief Charcoal. All ten of them. Each man was introduced (no women to loli 3d 18 years Jimmy's delight!) and what roles they played in camp. The black chief ended his introduction by saying that their camp councilors (who had ridden up on the buses with each group of boys) was responsible for keeping everyone happy and safe during the next two weeks. That brought a chorus of boos from most of the boys. It seemed that Kirkland wasn't the only unpopular councilor amongst them. When lunch ended, the boys swarmed out of the mess hall and formed lines behind their camp councilors. Kirkland brought his group back to the barracks so that the suitcases and packs could get unloaded and organized. He suggested a hike afterwards so that everyone could become acquainted with the camp's layout. Some of the boys asked for a swim instead. Kirkland said they would go after the hike. Jimmy unpacked his bag. It was filled mostly with clean folded clothes; lots of extra underwear and socks. He found his swim suit and left it on top of pure extreem lolita pics the pack. A bag of candy was discovered and he kept it hidden deep beneath the clothes. That was Jimmy's emergency food supply. When everything in the barracks was settled, Kirkland led the line of boys out to the woods. They took a well-traveled path lolita young new forbidden that made a large circle around camp. Kirkland showed the boys what Shingobeck had to offer in the way of fun: a bow shooting range, crafts shop, baseball lot, the lake to swim, canoe and fish in as well as a bunch of other interesting places and things for boys to have fun during their two weeks. All the while, Jimmy kept his eyes out for Mister Burrows. He wanted to spot the Indian but at the same time he also felt a strange reluctance. It was a mixed feeling that Jimmy didn't dwell on. Their hike ended back at the barracks and many of the boys began undressing to put swim suits on. Kirkland sat over his bottom bunk and watched with keen interest. He warned the boys to always swim with a buddy and that a shower was needed afterwards to prevent something called 'swimmer's itch.' Jimmy's eyes wandered while he put on his swim suit. He was curious to see the naked bodies of other boys his age and older. Many had groin hair above their dicks and what differing sizes they were! He saw banned russian lolita hardcore that Miguel's pole was thick and brown like the Indian man's. Its tip was kept hidden within preteen lolitas pic pay a loose extra 12 yo naked loli skin. Jimmy's pole became erect from peeking at the other naked boys. His swim suit didn't hide its length well enough. "Do you need to piss little lola models pantys again?" Miguel asked with a laugh. At his side was Parker, also dressed for swimming. Jimmy blushed. He ignored Miguel by looking over Parker's thin body. He saw that the boy's muscles in his arms and shoulders were nearly that of a man's. He could be Kirkland's age. "How old are you?" Jimmy asked of Parker. His question brought a startled look from Miguel who glanced at his friend questioningly. "Old under 18 lolita model enough..." Parker whispered. "For what?" Jimmy asked in his boldness to press the issue. He knew that something was going on here that alarmed the Spanish boy. A man's shouting broke through their tense challenge. Kirkland had the boys form a line behind him and they walked down a wooded path to the lake. Not everyone wore swim suits. Jimmy realized that some of the boys would be canoeing or fishing but most of the boys were planning to swim. Parker and Miguel stayed together though keeping some distance from Jimmy. That made the youth feel dejected and he wondered what he'd done wrong. When the lake came into sight, Kirkland had the swimmers find buddies to pair up with. They were quickly formed and the boys ran into the water, splashing and shouting with happy glee. Jimmy matched himself with a younger boy who was only ten. His name was Jeff. Poor Arnold was left without a partner; no one wanted to swim with the fat boy so Kirkland forced two boys to form a reluctant triad with him. Jimmy was glad that the water wasn't cold. It was a large circular lake that had a canoe dock and a long fishing pier. At distance from shore little girls modesl lolitas was a floating platform that drew the more adventurous boys. Jimmy wanted to swim out to it as well but his young buddy said that he was too scared. "I really can't swim," Jeff explained. The youth stood in water up to his chest with his arms outstretched for balance. He looked frightened. "I can teach you," answered Jimmy. He stood closer to the young boy and held his slim shoulders. There was reluctance in Jeff's eyes. Jimmy lifted him slowly and fell back into the water so that he could get the little boy to swim. Jeff was afraid at first. He flung his arms wildly and kicked up splashes with his legs. Jimmy held him throughout. With much patience, Jimmy tried teaching his young friend how to swim. He slowly gained Jeff's trust but the youth's fear of the water was stronger and hard for him to ignore. "I'm sorry for being so scared," Jeff explained. "That's okay..." Jimmy answered. "We're all scared of something." "What are you scared of?" Jimmy set his young friend down and glared at him. There was no sign of mockery in the little boy's viejas penetradas foros lolitas eyes so he decided to tell him. "Did you see that club house in the tall oak when we got off the bus?" Jimmy asked. Jeff nodded. "There was a rope ladder hanging down from it... A really high climb!" "Yes... very high." Jimmy felt his eyes stinking with tears when he recalled a similar club house in his own back yard. Perhaps 15 yo lolita gallery not as high but it was enough of a fall to cause his father's death. An uneasy silence grew between the two boys. Jeff didn't understand what was making his friend so sad yet he knew to keep silent. Some boys swam by and splashed water at them which demanded free european lolitas gallary a fierce response. It swept away lolita japan urls only the dark mood in Jimmy. They returned to evie model nude lolita their swimming lesson after the splashing bout. Jimmy held the younger boy in his arms; he felt the adult-like power that he had over Jeff. To him, it was like lolitas 13 yo nudist gaining a younger brother. He took care of the little boy and taught him the first lessons of wading in deep water and how to swim. Jeff enjoyed the attention. He was the only boy in a family of three sisters so Jimmy was like a big brother he never had. A period of lolita nude photo galleries time passed unnoticed by preteen lolita baby pussy the two boys. The loud shouting and splashing games all around them went unnoticed. They only had eyes for each other. Jimmy and Jeff were fast becoming good friends and it showed. They giggled a lot. Their slippery bodies shared real cp lolita pics warmth in the water which gave both of the boys erections but neither let on about it. When the sun started to fall in the sky, Jeff asked if they could rest. Jimmy led him towards the middle of the fishing pier. He climbed over the wooden planks and reached his hand down to the water for Jeff. His strength was enough to lift the little boy up to sit beside him. Jeff wrapped his thin arms around himself for warmth. Jimmy brought an arm around lolita 9yo young pics the boy to comfort him and he took this moment to study his little friend. Jeff was a thin, brown-haired kid with short hair and brown eyes. He sure liked to talk a lot. "Maybe we'll swim to that floating platform tomorrow," Jeff whispered. Jimmy heard the fear in the little boy's voice. "No. I'll need to teach you a few more lessons before we can try to swim out to it." "You'll be my swimming buddy tomorrow?" Jimmy simply nodded. He noticed that Jeff was staring at him so he turned to face the little boy. "I like you. It's not important for me to go out to that platform with the other kids. We've had a lot of fun together." Jeff smiled. He wrapped his arm around Jimmy's waist to return the half-hug that they've been sharing. Something passed between the two boys; a kind of excitement that came from young lol russian porn the good feelings swelling inside them and from angel lola luv vs the sensual touching of their half-naked bodies. It caused an erection lolita sex bbs kds to spring up in Jeff's swim suit. Jimmy saw it and he grew hard as well. "I felt you getting big in the water," Jeff preteen lolita bbs ukraine whispered. When Jimmy glanced back at him it caused the lolitas nubies preteen model little boy to giggle nervously. "Yah. I felt you too," Jimmy lolita ls land studio replied. He shrugged his shoulders from not knowing what more to say. Jeff continued to stare at the growing bulge in Jimmy's swim suit. He saw that it was longer than his own erection and wondered if any hair grew above it like asian lolita illegal xxx what he'd preteen nonude loli tgp seen on the older boys in the shower room at his school. The loud clomping of shoes over the pier coming up behind the two boys ended their staring game. Jimmy turned to see who it was. "It's going to be time for supper soon," explained Kirkland. "Most of the boys have showered already. You two should go clean up." preteen lolita thong pics Jimmy rose from the pier with Jeff in hand. They walked behind Kirkland in silence back towards shore. The man led them to a concrete block wall which formed the shower room. A stack of folded towels was pointed out to the two boys. With towels in hand, the two boys passed through a gap in the wall and found themselves in a roofless building with lots of shower heads sticking out from the inside walls. In the middle of the room were long wooden benches to sit on. Only a few boys remained here. They were drying off with their towels before returning to the barracks to dress. Jimmy noticed his little friend's bright young lolita teenie girls eyes on the naked boys. He also stared at the pale butts and limp-hanging poles of the three youths who stood wringing out their swim suits. ls land 8 lolita Jimmy found a working shower (a few were missing handles) and Jeff stood in a shower next to him. The water was only tepid though. All the hot water had been lolita daughter non nude used up earlier. loli tiny angels tgp A bar of soap was found lying on the floor but no shampoo. Jimmy used it to lather up his hair, and with closed eyes, he brought the soapy water down his body. When he touched upon his swim suit, he quickly dropped it down to his feet. His hands swirled the soapy water over the lower part of his body before turning to face the running water. When his hair was rinsed, he opened his eyes to see that Jeff was standing close beside him. Naked. "I need to use the soap," Jeff explained. "Can I best gallery lolita model stand in your shower? Mine doesn't run so well..." Jimmy handed free lolita virgins thumbnails the little boy his bar of soap. He turned around so that they were facing each other. Jeff had a really small pole and no groin hair, he noticed. It didn't surprise him since his friend was only ten. Jeff turned away. He lathered up his hair with the soap and tried bringing it down the rest of his body. Jimmy helped. He took back the soap so that he could use it against the boy's back to clean him. He even dared to go lower with little women lolita russia his soapy hands, rubbing over the boy's pale little butt. Jeff's legs were next soaped up. Jimmy stood closer to the wall so that the water could rinse away the soap from his friend. He marveled at the smallness of Jeff's pale body. It attracted him. His few peeks of the boy's loins made him get excited. A familiar growth filled his dick. His stomach felt like it had a rock in it. To prevent the little boy from seeing his erection, he took hold of his friend's slim shoulders when joining him under the shower. They stood together, front to back but without touching. The water seemed to grow colder. Jeff stepped back against his friend so that they could share warmth. He felt the boy's erection against his butt and it thrilled him. His pole stood up hard against his belly in a proud male display. He wasn't ashamed of his obvious excitement. Jimmy couldn't move. His dick was pressing hard against Jeff's little butt and he knew that the boy could feel it. The tenseness in top sites preteen lolas his stomach grew into a boulder. He didn't know what none nude preteen lolitas to do. What they were doing was similar to what he often imagined himself wanting to do with another boy in the shower. He wondered if Jeff daydreamed about such things as well. best yong lolita pics Jeff boldly reached down for his erection. He began pulling over it. Jimmy seemed not to notice; he held the little boy's shoulders and rubbed over them in a kind of massage. Jeff's quick handling made his butt hump. He could feel the older boy's dick sticking through his cheeks. It made a tickly sensation. Jimmy had to gasp. He felt Jeff's humping and it sent sharp tingles into his hard dick. Sticking through the little boy's butt was like pulling over the shaft of his erection but much more thrilling. He couldn't believe that Jeff was allowing it. Jimmy kept still while Jeff humped his little butt against him. He saw his long dick swallowed up between the boy's pale cheeks. His groin hair crunched above Jeff's butt. The rhythmic action forced Jimmy to play along. His stabs began slowly though. Longer and deeper pushes through the cheeks of Jeff's butt until the tip of his dick found a bbs tgp lolitas preteens nice place to poke through. The little boy tightened his cheek muscles, trapping his friend's erection inside him. Their embrace tightened. Jimmy lowered his right hand to clutch the little boy's chest. His feet rocked over the slippery cement floor with each thrust. The mid teen lolita models tight feeling between Jeff's cheeks was an intense pleasure that Jimmy model nude non loli had never experienced before. It made him grow wild. He stabbed. Deeply, and through some resistance that Jimmy didn't recognize for what it was. The sharp thrills intensified in his dick. He knew that he'd explode soon. lolitas models virgins videos Jeff felt the powerful motion of the boy over his back. Their bodies struggled against each other. He was being held to Jimmy by the tight arms around his chest and left shoulder. It was like he was being attacked somehow. A frightening thing! He bent over to try getting out of the older boy's grip. That's when a piercing pain came deep from inside his butt... Jimmy cried out in ecstasy while little baby lolita pussy Jeff cried out in pain. Their brief male joining was a new thing to the both of them but it resulted in opposite effects. Jimmy pumped his clear seed into the little boy's hole. It was a surprisingly powerful thrill for him while Jeff tried pushing his attacker away to end the sharp pain. He couldn't understand why his new friend was hurting him so badly. Their moment together ended. When Jimmy returned to himself, he heard Jeff's cries and felt the feeble pounding against his body. His arms opened. The little boy pulled his butt off Jimmy's dick and spun around. On his face was an angry look of betrayal. lolitas tgp bbs sites Jimmy felt something claw at his heart like an angry bear. He saw the youth's pain and knew that he was the cause of it. Tears sprang to his eyes. His head shook violently from side to side as if to deny the harm that he'd done to his little friend. "I didn't mean it!" Jimmy shouted while stepping closer to the little boy. Jeff's angry eyes glared at his lower body. Jimmy looked down as well, at his dick - the thing that had given his friend pain. He noticed a brown stain covering its pink head. From his piss hole dripped male victory. He recalled his intense pleasure from squirting inside shocking young lolita galleries the boy's butt. Now, only shame filled his heart. He continued to shake his head in bitter denial. Jeff calmed down. The pain in his butt was subsiding and he saw that his friend was truly sorry for what he'd done. The youth tried thinking over what must have little virgin preteen lolitas happened but he was at a loss. The idea of it was too unbelievable. He lolita 14 years nude saw Jimmy's open arms and after a moment's reluctance, he stepped into them. The two boys held each other as friends lollita nude free pictures once more. Jimmy half-carried his friend back to the shower. He wanted the cold water to clean away their dirty act. It flowed over their oneness for a long while. Jimmy no longer cried. He also thought over what had happened and it seemed strange... 'My dick had stuck through the boy's hole?' He remembered the brown stain over the end of his dick and concluded that it had to be true. "It's my fault," Jeff explained. "I stuck my butt against your dick and it must naked prelolita girls photo have slipped in..." young preteen lolitas porn "No!" Jimmy answered. "I did it. I'm sorry that I've hurt you." Jeff tightened his embrace around the older boy. He felt a giggle coming on from the way the both of them were loli imageboard cp models trying to take the blame. When bad things happened, a boy always denied his fault in it yet here, both of them were trying to say that they were the one who had done wrong. lolita ls series models Jimmy's hands clutched the small body of his friend and it was like healing balm for his aching heart. He began massaging the boy's back while he held him. The water was cold but they shared warmth together. It was a moment in their lives that neither boy would ever forget. Jeff enjoyed the touch of his friend's hands. young teens pictures lolita hard lolitas 7y 12y He tried standing up tall in their embrace but the pain in his butt kept him from straightening up fully. He wondered about what happened and decided to ask Jimmy about it. "My butt hurts," Jeff asked. "Did you... stick in far?" Jimmy paused from answering the youth. He was worried about why the little boy was asking him about such a thing. Would he be tattling on him to Kirkland about it? Jeff sensed his friend's uneasiness so he assured him, "I won't tell anyone. Really! Just tell me why you think it happened." "Okay. I didn't mean to do it," Jimmy answered. "I felt you humping against me and it felt good... like how I rub over my dick to thrill it. Somehow, it slipped in and that's when it happened." "Why didn't you stop it?" asked Jeff. "I was feeling so good from shooting and..." "Shooting?" Jimmy swallowed nervously in his throat. He forgot that Jeff was only a little boy and that he might not know about coming out from beating off. It made it hard for him to answer. He decided on another approach. "Have you ever done anything with your dick when it gets hard?" Jimmy asked. "Yes. When you were holding me close in the shower, it got hard and I felt a need to pull over it. Didn't you see me?" Jimmy remained silent. He hadn't noticed but that would explain why Jeff's butt was humping against him... The little boy was probably too young to shoot from his dick though. "I'm often getting my pole to length and thrilling it in hand," Jeff admitted. "I've heard youngest lolita sex pics that a lot of boys do it." Jimmy's face flushed with embarrassment. He couldn't believe that he was little teen virgin lolita hearing such things from a younger boy. Bold words of sex! He tightened his arms around teen lolitas foot fetish Jeff to hide himself from the little boy. He wondered where his friend had learned about it. A gasp was forced from Jimmy when he felt something hard poking against his balls. The little boy was revealing something to him with his body - that his non nude lolitas tgp pole had grown hard from their talking and that he wanted to rub it against him. "It's okay... Go ahead," Jimmy assured his little friend. His arms lowered so that he could grip the boy's slippery ass. Jeff flinched when his hands pulled over both cheeks and he remembered the boy's pain. After a moment, his own butt was gripped. Jimmy grinned and he felt the rising of his own dick against his friend's erection. By this young russian lolita nudes time, the water from the shower was running very cold. Jimmy slowly pulled his friend from the shower so that they could continue doing it without any discomfort. The air was warmer. Their embrace tightened and the rubbing motion between their bellies was a nice thing the boys shared. Jimmy grew to full length. He was surprised by his need since he had already managed to underground lolita illegal, tgp come out twice that day. Yet the thrills continued to build up in his dick. Jeff's finger erection was no match for his size so the older boy kept himself in check. He wouldn't do anything wild this time to hurt his little friend again. A low gasp came from Jeff. He held another deep breath and felt its tightness in his lungs cause a sharp pop in his erection. A neat thrill! His breath came out as a small cry. The boy gulped in air and he held his breath for as long as he dared, forcing his hard pole to build with more intense thrills. His outcries were worrying Jimmy though. gagging teens lolitas young "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yah... It feels so good!" cried Jeff. Jimmy smiled. He remembered when first handling himself that his thrills kept getting bigger the longer he pulled over his dick and held breaths. Though nothing came out, it had given him much pleasure. On the day he could shoot, his dick pulling had given him an intense surprise. The explosion of pleasure was wonderful as much as seeing that his dick could shoot out like a man. Jimmy squeezed the boy's slippery cheeks and thrusted hard. It became a fleshy sword battle between their bellies. Jeff rose on his toes each time he stabbed against Jimmy's bigger dick. Their male motion made a sucking sound when their bodies collided. Breaths raced through each boy's mouth. Jeff sighed with contentment. His hard pole was really feeling intense. When Jeff felt the sharpest thrills he had ever experienced, he cried out in his boyish high-pitched voice. Jimmy heard it and that made his pent-up loins explode. Squirts came out. His dick wet a few times to the little boy in his arms and at their ending, a low moan of satisfaction came lolita pre teen archive out with his breath. Jeff also cried out. The rough handling of ebony lolita top 100 his sore butt had hurt but more so, his friend's thrusts had caused him to feel the greatest thrills from his squashed pole! The boys panted against each other. Jeff's eyes widened when he felt something warm trickling down his belly. 'Did Jimmy piss?' he wondered. A moment later he knew what happened. He understood what his friend had tried explaining earlier to him about 'shooting'. He had felt it! A voice echoed through the room, startling the embracing boys. "Turn off that shower," spoke the soft voice of a man. "It will be time for supper soon... Get dressed and off so I can clean up this place." Jimmy and Jeff separated from each other in a rush. With their cp paysite pthc lolita butts towards the janitor, they reached for their towels on the bench and began drying themselves in silence. Jimmy didn't dare turn his head around to look for the Indian until he was done drying his body. When he did look, he saw that Mister Burrows had gone. Jeff turned to his friend and pointed at the streak on his belly. "That's where you shot on me!" Jimmy felt embarrassment. He quickly brought his towel over the nude russian lolitas nude youth's belly to dry it off. Jeff giggled. He turned around to look for the janitor, and when not finding him, slapped over his butt knowingly and shouted. "You can't dry what you've shot into me here!" Jimmy shook his head in disbelief. The little boy's earlier pain had turned into a source of pride for what his dick had done in that small butthole. It worried him a little. "You won't tell anyone about what we've done... will you?" he begged. Jeff continued to grin but he shook his head in reply. When he straightened up, he grimaced in pain. He felt the urgent need to go... hot 15yr old lolitas Jimmy watched the little boy streak through the room to the toilet stalls at the other end. With a bang, the door closed and young girls lolitas nude he could imagine what Jeff was doing. He felt a need to piss so he walked to a urinal. His yellow flow was strong dark lolita pussy portals and when looking down at his semi-erection, it brought him new pride. This day had seen him in the ritual hands of a Indian to strengthen his manhood while in the arms of a young boy, their joining had made for a stronger friendship. Jeff was in awe of his first day of lolita swimwear model pics summer camp! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-2 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-3
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